LADEC hosts two-day visit by European I3-INSHAPE project partners for innovation development in sports and vitality sector


A sedentary lifestyle is becoming more common in the population and has a negative impact on physical activity. Technology has played a role in making life less active, but it can also be an important tool to promote healthier habits. I3-INHSPE project aims to tackle the ticking time bomb of inactivity and gathers project partners and interested listeners in Lahti in April to hear and discuss the commercialization of new business opportunities related to these topics. 
Interregional collaboration as a catalyst for technological innovations 
To speed up the market launch of the needed technological innovations, collaboration between regions is a key requirement. The European I3-INSHAPE project is leading this collaborative effort. It is coordinated by the Cluster Sports & Technology of the South of the Netherlands, and involves SMEs, institutions, and cluster partners also from regions of Belgium, Finland, Hungary and Spain, including prominent members of the Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd., Lahti Sports Hub community and LAB University of Applied Sciences. With an amount of €9.5 million (of which 70 percent is funded by EU-I3), SMEs have the opportunity to expedite the market entry of their innovations through interregional collaboration. 
As Anri Vuori, project Manager for INSHAPE in LADEC, said: "This project is a great chance to develop the innovation ecosystem among emerging sport and technology companies and to help our societies become more active and healthier. The interregional cooperation that I3-INSHAPE encourages not only boosts innovation, but also creates synergies between the different regions, thus increasing the positive effect on socio-economic development and on the health and well-being of the people.
Establishing the I3-INSHAPE Innovation and Investment Hub 
The project, with a duration of three years (2023-2026), aims to establish an INSHAPE Innovation and Investment Hub. This HUB will serve as a space where companies, knowledge institutions and public administrations can collaborate on innovations that promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, even after the project concludes. The first wave of growth companies has already been selected to join the project, and concrete work on the commercialization journey of their innovations has begun. 


I3-INSHAPE project partners from Europe meet in Lahti to improve early market preparation for growth companies 

After successful meetings in Eindhoven, Barcelona and Valencia, the European project i3-INSHAPE is turning its attention to Lahti. On April 8-9, 2024 LADEC and LAB university of Applied Sciences will take on the role of host at the fourth I3-INSHAPE meeting in several locations in Lahti. This event is identified as a significant milestone in advancing the I3-INNOVATION ecosystem and provides growth companies with tools for early-stage innovation development, directing attention towards commercialization, scale up and investment opportunities.  
The first day is about inner working and will enhance cross-regional collaboration and value building. The second day is open for all sports, vitality and tech sector related companies to join either live or online. The event promotes SME innovation development in these sectors by approaching the subject through UX/UI, commercialization, scaling, end-user development, and investor perspectives. These topics are strongly related to Work Package 2 of the project, which LADEC coordinates throughout the project's duration. Lahti Sports Hub is a support programme for I3-INSHAPE and will showcase how it acts as a catalyst for innovation, providing a platform to combine sport business, research and innovations, enhance knowledge exchange, and fosters partnerships that drive the commercial success and scalability of new technologies and solutions in the sports and vitality sectors. 
The event is an excellent opportunity to meet international growth companies in the sports/vitality sector, research partners and business development companies, and discuss with project representatives what the I3-INSHAPE project can offer for your company. In the afternoon, you can participate in lectures and discussions lab by LAB university if Applied Sciences on the theme "from healthcare to care for health."  
For additional details and to register the 9.4 seminar by 2.4., please visit here.
The number of onsite seats is limited.

For more information, contact:  
Anri Vuori
Project Manager, I3-INSHAPE-project, Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd or +358 50 5180067. 


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The Innovation Ecosystem for Healthy Active People in Europe or I3-INSHAPE innovation project develops digital solutions for citizens' health and well-being. LADEC is one of the project's leading partners. The I3-INSHAPE project is part of the Interregional Innovation Investments i3 funding program and its funding authority is the European Commission. 

Lahti Sports Hub - International Sport Business Ecosystem -project is coordinated Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd and financed by the European Union and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.