Advice from a business mentor!


Business Mentors Finland is a national network of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers and business experts, who make their expertise and experience available free of charge to help Finnish entrepreneur-led micro businesses and small businesses in solving their business challenges. They are honest, have a good reputation and follow Finnish laws and a good business practice. They are guided by what is best for your company.

Your business mentor will support you in recognising the opportunities provided by your business and its environment.

  • Your business mentor will be your advisor and conversation partner.
  • Together with your business mentor, you will analyse the options available to your business and use them as a basis for setting development targets.
  • Your business mentor will also support you when you compare means to reach your goals, implement your action plans and monitor the achieved results.
  • Your mentor will support you in your decision-making. However, you will make all the decisions by yourself and be responsible for their implementation. Your business mentor will stand by you, ask questions and provide support and incentives to help you find answers.

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‘My business mentor immediately understood my situation.’ 
 Ari Hokkanen | Finnester Coatings, Lahti

The relationship between businesses and the 20 or so business mentors in the Lahti region is coordinated by LADEC

The business mentor service complements the range of services that LADEC offers to micro businesses and SMEs. The service is confidential and free of charge.

The areas of expertise of the business mentors who work in the Lahti region include business management, production, funding, marketing and advertising, internationalisation, changes of ownership, etc. Many of the business mentors in the region also have experience in solving business management challenges of production companies.

Would you like to have a mentor for your business? Contact LADEC’s regional business mentor coordinator!