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Fix your funding and finances!

Does your business have an idea for development or an investment plan, but you need external funding to implement it? Are you thinking of ways to improve your profitability or boost your cash flows?

We’ll help and advise you on financial challenges and funding. And we’ll put you in contact with investors.

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Itching to enter a new market?

We’ll help you take the first steps towards the international market and find partners and market data – regardless of where you’re headed.

Or how about joining our export network?

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Increase your sales!

Struggling with your sales? Are you lost with the countless marketing channels that are available? 

We’ll advise your business on how to define your competitive advantage and find the right partners and sales and marketing channels.

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Innovate your products and services!

Want to innovate your product range, services or business models? Need advice or help with planning and implementing your product development project?

We’ll help you plan your projects and find the most suitable funding, partners and service providers.

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Challenges in daily business?

Problems with profitability? Or a need to grow but you don’t know how? You feel like you don’t have the ability or energy to solve the problem or situation on your own? 

We’ll support and advise you on how to overcome the daily challenges and crises in your business. We’ll help you with all practical things – including coping. Contact us sooner rather than later, before it’s too late!


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Selling or buying a business?

Perhaps you’re planning to retire in the next few years, and now you’d like to find a successor? Or are you considering selling a part of your business? Or planning to expand by acquiring another company? 

We offer guidance and assistance to both sellers and buyers who are preparing for a change of ownership or looking to develop a business after an acquisition. Impartially, confidentially and free of charge.


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Advice from a business mentor!

Do you want insight, advice and support from an experienced veteran of the business sector to help you with your business? A trustworthy expert to stand by you?

A business mentor from the Business Mentors Finland network can be your advisor, conversation partner and guide in decision-making.

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Competitive edge with design

Does your company use design and user data in its product and service development? It should – in addition to improving the desirability and demand of your products, design can also increase the profitability of your business.

We can advise your company in using product and service design to create exceptional customer experiences, get a competitive edge, and develop and grow your business.

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Circular economy into new business

Do your surplus production materials cause costs for your business? Could they be utilised further? Or are you seeking recycled materials for your production?

We can advise and help your company in generating business and cost advantages out of recycled materials and utilising them more effectively. We are constantly seeking partners and networks that could use each other’s materials and effluents.

Contact us so that we can go over the opportunities available for you to find savings and new business for your company!

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Boost your business with digitalisation

What is digitalisation? IoT - VR - AR - MR - 360° etc. ? You recognise these terms and technologies, but you may be thinking: which ones should I use in my business?

We help you choose the most applicable tools and experts from our digital utility box.

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Participate in procurements and investments!

Does your company have a product, service or solution that needs testing or references? There are new investments constantly being started in the Lahti Region, and the projects are seeking new solutions.

We help those managing the projects and those offering solutions find each other. We also offer advice on submitting tenders for public procurements and investments.

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Utilise networks!

Effective and reliable networks are a must today!

You should utilise them as effectively as possible in developing your business operations and your own expertise.

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