Circular economy into new business


Circular economy refers to the saving and smart use of natural resources, but it also means new business and cost savings for companies.

In circular economy, you choose the materials and design the production processes so that all resources can be used efficiently, utilised or recycled for as long as possible. The products and their manufacture are planned so that any production surplus can be utilised in your own or other businesses’ production. Repair, maintenance, rental and distribution services lengthen the service life of the products and enable their reuse. At the end of the products’ service life, the materials are recovered, recycled or otherwise utilised in a sustainable manner. This enables you to get as much value as possible from the products and materials while simultaneously saving in material costs.

Effective circular economy is created through cooperation. The businesses in the Lahti region have access to exceptionally good opportunities to find partners who can utilise or offer each other resources, raw materials and services. This cooperation allows businesses to utilise their mutual subcontracting and further processing chains instead of having to make expensive investments in equipment. 

LADEC helps businesses utilise circular economy

We’ll help your business recognise the opportunities offered by circular economy to gain cost savings and new business as well as find cooperation partners. We always make your business’ concrete need our starting point – regardless of whether this need is a desire to reduce or find a further use for surplus materials for further profit, find recycled raw materials for production or create new service concepts. 

We advise and assist you with permits, finding research and product development partners and piloting and reference sites as well as launching new business operations. 

Recently, we’ve helped businesses find and develop new purposes of use for

  • food production side streams
  • carbon dioxide
  • ash and sludge
  • surplus materials from the concrete industry
  • construction and demolition waste
  • recycled plastic

New business can also be created within services: logistics, maintenance, repair, leasing and rental services as well as new types of distribution services. We help you recognise opportunities in these areas, find partners and develop your operations.

Contact us so that we can go over the opportunities available for you to find cost savings and new business for your company!

We operate in 7 municipalities: Lahti, Asikkala, Hartola, Hollola, Iitti, Orimattila and Padasjoki. Our advisory services are free of charge.

LADEC as a promoter of expertise in circular economy in the Lahti region

For several decades, the various forms of circular economy have been utilised in the Lahti region to boost growth, which is evidenced by the thousands of jobs in recycling, resource recovery and renewable energy solutions in the region. In fact, the Lahti region has become home to one of the most significant clusters of environmental expertise and business in Finland. The cluster is well known for its expertise in recycling and the treatment of water and soil in particular. The environmental research and education provided by the University of Helsinki, the LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology) and the LAB University of Applied Sciences are internationally renowned. 

LADEC is involved in promoting environmental expertise, investments and testing of new solutions in the Lahti region. We help higher education institutions, the municipalities in the region and businesses find each other and work together to develop and adopt new innovations. 

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