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‘You can come to LADEC’s business development managers for advice while the idea is still cooking.’

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Where to get an idea?

Do you have entrepreneurial spirit? You have the skills and the right attitude and would like to do something cool?

Just missing a business idea? 

Contact us and make an appointment. We’ll give you tips and tools for finding ideas and your inner brainstormer!

Expertise into business?

Do you have solid expertise in a sector but don’t know how to utilise it?

We’ll help you recognise your expertise and find the potential business ideas available around you.

Contact us and stop by for a chat! Let’s think about your expertise and work on your ideas together!

Ideas in the drawer?

Do you have an idea, or is there a gadget, realisation or a bit of code waiting in your garage?

Have you found a shortcoming in the world and a solution for it? Someone could benefit from and even pay for it!

Contact us, or come and tell us about it. Let’s see together if your idea has the potential to become a business.

Find your community!

Tired of puzzling over things alone at the office or at home? Interested in learning new things, sharing your expertise and meeting people? 

Join networks of like-minded people and participate in our various events!

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Have you decided to start a business?

Make full use of LADEC’s experts. We share your passion in entrepreneurship. 

Call +358 44 702 2700 and make an appointment!

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