Many paths to entrepreneurship

Co-operative – change of ownership – succession

Co-operative advice

You can launch your business – and develop your business plans without starting your own business – by joining an existing co-operative. Starting a new co-operative is another alternative to a partnership or limited liability company.

Contact us and make an appointment with our business consultant who is an expert in co-operatives! He will tell you more about this and other alternatives – and help you with all aspects of the start-up process.

Business acquisition: Advice for changes of ownership and succession

Another way to become an entrepreneur is by buying an existing business. It may even be a better way to launch operations than setting up your own business from scratch.

Compared to starting your own business, buying an existing company or business operations allows you to focus on developing the business, instead of you having to spend time and money on developing products and services or building a clientele. In the next few years, more than 70,000 small and medium-sized companies will be facing a change of ownership.

We provide guidance on changes of ownership and succession for both sellers and buyers of businesses.

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FI-ISO-9001_93x200px.jpgWe are part of the network of Finnish Enterprise Agencies, and our entrepreneurship consulting services comply with the network’s ISO 9001 certified consulting process. If necessary, we also utilise the expertise of our development company and extensive network of experts in the consulting process.

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