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LADEC – Boosting Sustainable Growth

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd’s mission is to develop the business conditions, competitiveness and attractiveness in the Lahti Region. LADEC provides services for individuals starting up business, excisting companies to develop, to grow and to internationalize and helps companies to relocate in the Lahti region.

LADEC provides support and expertise for e.g.

  • starting a new business and launching its operations;
  • everyday challenges of small businesses;
  • companies in order them to grow, innovate and expand to international markets;
  • relocating to the Lahti region and
  • finding the most suitable business premises.

Cleantech and Design, the top expertises in the region, are used in supporting the growth and competitiveness of businesses.

LADEC also is in charge of developing and marketing the region as a business environment. The operations are executed in cooperation with the municipalities and the companies in the region.

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Contact Information

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd is located in the Lahti Science Park, approximately two kilometres from the Lahti City Centre.

Visiting Address
Lahti Science Park
Building D, 5th Floor
Niemenkatu 73

Postal Address
Niemenkatu 73, FI-15140 LAHTI

firstname.lastname (at)

+358 (0)44 702 2700


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Invoicing Address & Bank Connections

Invoicing Address
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
Business ID: 0855115-7
VAT No: FI08551157
Trade register number: 516.524

e-Invoicing Address
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
EDI ID: 003708551157
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator’s EDI ID: 003710948874

Delivery Address for Paper Invoices
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
PO Box 92197

Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Finnish Branch,
Corporate Bank South-Eastern Finland
Kauppakatu 10
FI-15140 Lahti

Account number
IBAN FI2420281800002539

Facts of LADEC


City of Lahti (75,7 %), other cities and municipalities in the Päijät-Häme region as well as some companies, universities and institutions of higher education, mainly all of them, too, situated in Päijät-Häme region.

City of Lahti, City of Orimattila and municipality of Hollola.

LADEC has a subsidiary, Energon Oy, the renewable energy research centre.

Boosting Sustainable Growth.

Vision 2020
The Lahti Region is Finland's most agile growth center for businesses and has managed to turn structural changes to its advantage.


Operational Indicators

  • LADEC's operates in the area of 3 neighbouring municipalities: The City of Lahti, the municipality of Hollola and the City of Orimattila.

  • LADEC advises nearly 1000 individual customers every year in the matters of establishing business.

  • Every year, about 250 companies helped by LADEC are being established.

  • LADEC provides diverse business development services for about 700 customer companies yearly.

  • LADEC counsels and helps every year about 100 companies to make investments or start development projects for the total value of appr. € 10 millions.