Increase your sales!


Fix your offering, brand, plans and processes and utilise the best channels – Increase your sales!

We’ll advise your business on defining your competitive advantage, finding the right partners and sales channels as well as with many other things pertaining to expanding your business and increasing your sales.

We’ll help you and advise you on all types of things related to sales and marketing, including:

  • Understanding the current situation and areas of development in sales and marketing.
  • Developing the various areas and processes of sales and marketing: Preparing a development plan and budget, finding resources and funding and supporting you in carrying out your projects.
  • Things related to your product and service range, distinctiveness and brand.
  • Finding suitable methods, channels, service providers and partners for your sales and marketing.
  • Introducing your business at fairs and obtaining information on competitors and target markets: Joint fair stands of businesses in the Lahti region as well as trips to gather information and promote sales.

Our advisory services are available to businesses operating in Hollola, Lahti and Orimattila. Free of charge.

What are your business’s situation, goals and challenges?

Contact us and make an appointment with one of our business development managers! Let’s assess your situation together and consider ways to increase your sales!

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