Well-being & Sports

The well-being and fitness industry is rapidly growing and becoming more diverse in the Lahti region. From an international point of view, it is one of the most profitable. – Do you want to share in the domestic growth of the sector? Are you wondering how your solution will adapt to the international market? LADEC provides the businesses in the Lahti region with access to top expertise and business networks in the sector.

In addition to fitness, well-being refers to health technology, a wide range of products and services that help us achieve a more even state of alertness and increase our balance as well as our productivity. Healthy residents form strong communities, the street scene in Lahti is enlivened all year round by traditional neighbourhood sports, and top-level sports are developed at sports clusters.

The Lahti region is home to a number of success stories that maintain and improve people’s functional capacity, health, well-being and quality of life. In the Lahti region, it’s easy to take ideas relating to fitness, well-being and health technology of the future and develop them into profitable international business. The region focuses strongly on the well-being of individuals and communities. Increasingly health-conscious clienteles attract new operators to the sector.

LADEC will help you identify the well-being solutions that are in demand and provide you with the best references from the piloting environments in the region.

LADEC promotes the development of the Lahti region into the leading cluster of health, fitness and well-being in the Nordic countries.

LADEC’s goal is to make the Lahti region into the leading cluster of health, fitness and well-being in the Nordic countries. With our help, you can utilise the knowledge base in well-being and sports coaching, training, equipment technology and event concepts in the region when heading for the international market. 

Winter sports export networks to China and Japan at your disposal
Lahti winter knowhow is recognised in China and Japan as a high-quality Nordic winter sports network. This market appreciates the application of sports research directly to the various sports, and the number of people interested in snow and ice sports is increasing rapidly. Mentoring and self-help concepts in particular, as well as various fitness and recreational equipment, are in high demand. LADEC will help your solution take its place faster on this market.

LADEC assists well-being & fitness businesses in the Lahti region

Market insight at your disposal

  • We help businesses develop their ideas relating to fitness, well-being and health technology into profitable business.
  • With the help of our experts and networks, you can develop and commercialise solutions relating to winter sports.
  • LADEC organises and identifies a wide range of events in the sector that are useful for those seeking growth and funding, among other things.

Take control of the market in Finland

  • We develop the cooperation network of businesses that promote well-being in order to support the local business scene and promote Finnish export.
  • We encourage the businesses and training, coaching and research organisations in the well-being sector in the region to collaborate and generate ideas for the future together. 

...and around the world

  • Utilise our international network, and we’ll help you look into and sort out everything required for export operations.
  • We’ll help the target market understand the benefits of Finnish solutions and adapt your solution to the target market.