Boost your business with digitalisation

Boost your business with digitalisation

The needs of customers and users continuously lead to the creation of new technologies. Digitalisation has become one of the most significant factors that is changing the operations and operating environments of businesses. 

For example, the means of digitalisation enable the enhancement of numerous internal processes between businesses, such as operations management, production and project management, as well as the design, sales and marketing of products and services – regardless of the sector. Digitalisation also makes it possible to improve the product and service experiences of users and customers. 

Here is a list of examples of new technologies that provide companies with new business opportunities which every company should be interested in and aware of in order to grow and succeed in the ever intensifying competition: 

  • Data analytics
  • GDPR
  • IoT = Internet of Things
  • Blockchain technology
  • AI, i.e. artificial intelligence
  • Automation of sales and marketing
  • 3D printing
  • VR = virtual reality
  • AR = augmented reality
  • MR = mixed reality
  • 360°

LADEC will help you harness digital solutions in order to enhance your business operations.

Among other things, we’ll advise and support your business in:

  • recognising the opportunities provided by digitalisation 
  • planning development projects
  • finding development partners.

We operate in 7 municipalities: Lahti, Asikkala, Hartola, Hollola, Iitti, Orimattila and Padasjoki. Our advisory services are free of charge.

The LAB University of Applied Sciences and the LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology) will help increase the digital awareness and expertise of our cooperation partners and the utilisation of digital technology in the Lahti region and businesses in the region.

What are your business’ plans and needs – how can digitalisation be utilised to promote and develop your business?

Contact us and make an appointment with one of our business development managers: Let’s assess your current situation, offering, goals and needs, and consider together what is needed to implement your plans.

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