Isto Vanhamäki appointed as Director of LADEC’s department of Business Region Development


Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
PRESS RELEASE Dec. 16, 2022

Isto Vanhamäki, Director of LADEC’s department of Business Region Development

The board of Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd has appointed Isto Vanhamäki as the company’s new Director of Business Region Development and member of the steering committee. He served in the same role as director ad interim over the autumn term.

‘Isto has been successfully running our department of Business Region Development, previously my responsibility, throughout the autumn in a temporary role.In addition to his extensive expertise and networks, he has and will continue to bring his eternally positive and inspiring personality that always looks towards the future into the role and our steering committee. Therefore, I was very happy to propose him for the role of Director, and the board of our company approved my proposal unanimously. Heartfelt congratulations to Isto for the appointment,’ says the company’s CEO, Tomi Tura, who stepped into his role just over a month ago. 

Over the years, Isto Vanhamäki has become familiar to many of the businesses and other operators in our area, particularly for his active endorsement of internationalisation and participation in several export promotion trips. 

‘It has been wonderful to notice on global arenas that the Lahti region is attracting more attention than perhaps ever before. Lahti is an interesting area, and what we say has a genuine impact on a global scale. In sports terms, we currently have that famous momentum. Always go for a shot on goal when you get a chance,’ Isto Vanhamäki concludes. 

‘It feels fantastic to carry on with our solid development work to support the growth and success of the area now that a recent city image survey has shown that Lahti has improved its ranking more than any other big city as a business-friendly operating environment. This is not a mere coincidence, but the result of a long-term commitment from all of us operators in the Lahti region. Our region is filled with one-of-a-kind expertise that can be refined into huge success stories for the world. However, the work towards this goal must continue, and we at LADEC are excited to do so,’ Vanhamäki says. 


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Tomi Tura
+358 50 323 1050 | tomi.tura(at) 

Isto Vanhamäki
Director | Business Region Development
+358 40 727 6376 | isto.vanhamaki(at)