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Research & Product Development Environments

LADEC provides also high-standard research, product development, and piloting environments for companies, institutions of higher education and research institutes.


The renewable energy center ENERGON Ltd offers unique facilities for versatile research into renewable energy and energy efficiency, and also for testing new technologies. One of the primary goals of Energon is the development and productisation of device technology.

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For further information - please contact:

Ekholm Leif

Head of Client Management
Renewable energy research centre Energon Ltd
+358 50 518 4444

The Lahti-based SOILIA is the first pilot-scale soil research center in the Nordic countries. SOILIA offers facilities for conducting basic scientific study of soil, sediments, groundwater and surface water and applied research required by companies in their product development activities. The facilities also make it possible to develop new remediation procedures in conditions that correspond to real soil conditions.

For further information - please contact: