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Business networks

We develop and serve the cooperation networks of companies in the Lahti region. Our aim is to help companies utilise partnerships as efficiently as possible in the development of their own business operations.

Our services for business networks and clusters include:

* networking and peer learning;

* marketing cooperation (such as joint stands and participation at fairs);

* channelling LADEC’s business development services (internationalisation, product development, development of operations) to also benefit the other companies in a partner network;

* organising joint training and coaching;

* cooperation in employee-related matters (recruitment, mutual utilisation of workforce);

* production of information on themes that are important to the companies; and

* external communication and marketing of the network’s expertise and success stories.


See Lahti Mechatronics Network



Contact us:

Veikkolainen Johanna

Head of Client Management
Start-up & Business Development
+358 44 704 3742
Sales, marketing, internationalisation