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For companies looking to grow or innovate


Business growth and development services

We will help you find and utilise the cooperation partners and sources of funding that your company requires to grow and develop its business operations. The service is provided to companies that operate in the Lahti region, regardless of their size or line of business. We are in charge of developing cleantech and design expertise in the Lahti region.

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Veikkolainen Johanna

Head of Client Management
Start-up & Business Development
+358 44 704 3742
Sales, marketing, internationalisation

Vanhamäki Isto

Head of Development, Healthtech & Wellbeing
Business Region Development
+358 40 727 6376
Development, internationalisation, UAE, Japan, China, Middle East


Stand out with design!

The utilisation of industrial design allows companies to increase the attractiveness of their products and the profitability of their production. Industrial design is more than just creating a beautiful appearance. Combining user-oriented industrial design with expertise in technology, materials and marketing provides the keys to success.

LADEC assists companies and municipalities in the Lahti region in developing new, environmentally friendly and competitive products and services in a sustainable way that takes the needs, wishes and opinions of the users, customers and residents into account! Learn more here

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LADEC actively promotes the opportunities of Finnish cleantech growth companies to obtain the funding and important first partnerships that they require in order to enter the international market. We are currently in charge of developing and implementing various domestic services related to cleantech. Learn more here

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Do you intend to buy/sell a company?

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Kangas Pasi

Business Development Manager
Start-up & Business Development
+358 40 727 2702