Finnish start-up Woodio, is investing in a new factory in Lahti Finland - The investment is worth 7 million euros


Woodio's innovation, a 100% waterproof wood composite, is designed as an ecological alternative to ceramics and other high carbon footprint materials in bathroom and interior decoration. Last summer, Woodio raised over 16 million euros in venture capital to scale up its operations and expand internationally. With the new factory in Lahti Finland, which will be completed in the spring of 2025 at a cost of approximately 7 million euros, production will be significantly streamlined to meet growing demand.

Founded in Helsinki in 2015 and introducing its first products to the market in 2019, Finnish start-up Woodio is taking a significant step forward in its growth and transitioning from a pilot factory environment to a larger production capacity enabled by the new factory in Lahti. The design of the new factory is well underway, with production set to begin in Lahti in the spring of 2025.

The construction industry accounts for an estimated 40% of annual global carbon emissions. Thanks to its raw material and energy-efficient manufacturing process, Woodio's carbon emissions are significantly lower than those of traditional ceramic sanitaryware. "Woodio is an excellent example of high value-added innovations in the forestry sector that Finland should invest in. In light of the industry's emission figures, it is clear that the demands for green construction will increase significantly in the near future. Woodio has every opportunity to establish itself as a pioneer in sustainable housing solutions," says Matti Lehtipuu, member of Woodio's board of directors and Managing Partner of UB FIGG, main shareholder of the company.

The automation level of the new factory is higher than the current one, and a flexible assembly line will better serve the production of various products. "We are really excited about our new factory. With this investment, we are seeking significant growth in our production capacity, enabling us to offer even larger projects and, in the future, contract manufacturing," says Terja Koskenoja, CEO of Woodio.

In addition to private homes, Woodio bathroom furniture is increasingly seen in hotels and restaurants internationally. The company, seeking international growth, focuses on developing its business in residential construction enabling larger sales volumes, as well as in furnishing public spaces and contract manufacturing. In addition to its ecological features, Woodio's products have been internationally recognized and awarded for their ability to combine sustainability, aesthetics, and functionality.

Local actors supporting growth - Spatium Toimitilat Oy responsible for factory property construction

LADEC, the Lahti Region Development Company, and Woodio started close cooperation in August 2023 to find the best service solution and operating environment for the company.

"The cooperation with Woodio has been comprehensive and smooth from the beginning. Our common goal was to find solutions for their space, expertise, partners, and networks. I am truly excited about Woodio's investment in Lahti. We are welcoming a new innovative growth company to our excellent business community. And the collaboration does not end here. As a partner, we participate in ensuring the long-term growth of Woodio's business together with the City of Lahti and Spatium," says Marian Vainiomäki, LADEC's Customer Relationship Manager.

The construction of Woodio's new factory property is undertaken by Spatium Toimitilat Oy. According to the company's CEO Jouni Kanervo, the new property is a significant investment in many ways: "The construction of Woodio's factory property is strategically important for us. The factory construction will utilize new techniques related to sustainability and circular economy. As part of the factory project, we will be seeking the internationally renowned BREEAM environmental certificate, aiming for a Very Good level."

Lahti's Mayor Niko Kyynäräinen is also pleased with Woodio's investment in Lahti: "Woodio is an excellent example of a company where sustainability is at the core of competitiveness. Lahti, as Finland's leading environmental city, offers a business environment where companies gain a competitive edge through business and innovation networks. We are happy to work together with educational institutions and universities in Lahti to support Woodio's growth."

"The City of Lahti aims for carbon neutrality by 2025, which aligns well with our carbon-negative target for 2025," Koskenoja adds. "The successful cooperation with the city leadership, as well as with LADEC and Spatium, supporting our growth plans comprehensively, has been crucial in the final decision on the location of the factory," Koskenoja concludes.

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Marian Vainiomäki
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Woodio Oy

  • Manufactures bathroom furniture and wall- and surface-paneling material from its developed and patented waterproof wood composite.
  • Established in 2015 in Helsinki. First products launched in 2019.
  • Turnover in 2023: 870,000 euros
  • Employees: 29
  • Main markets: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Benelux, and German-speaking Europe
  • Received international and domestic recognition for its products, including the German Design Plus Award 2023 for its Block toilet seat and the Fennia Prize for its washbasins in 2020.
  • Main shareholders: UB FIGG, Metsä Spring, Valve Ventures, founders

Woodio Oy is a Finnish design and material innovation company founded in 2015, manufacturing and marketing bathroom furniture as well as wall and surface paneling material from its developed and patented 100% waterproof wood composite. Woodio's wood composite is designed to replace traditional ceramics and stone in interior design solutions. Thanks to its renewable raw material and low-energy manufacturing process, the carbon footprint of Woodio products is significantly lower than that of similar ceramic bathroom furniture. Due to their durability and easy maintenance, Woodio products are suitable for both private and public spaces.

Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd develops the conditions for growth and competitiveness in the Lahti region's business life in collaboration with municipalities and markets the region as an attractive business environment.

Spatium Toimitilat Oy is a real estate company that develops and leases office spaces flexibly and responsibly to meet market needs, thereby strengthening the vitality of the Lahti region. The company is part of the Lahti Group.