What is LADEC's new Partner Friday about and why is this type of new regional networking needed?


With new Partner Friday concept, which will start with ALLU's factory visit in Orimattila on September 16, 2022, the development company LADEC wants to promote genuine regional cooperation between companies in the Lahti region stronger than before. Partner Fridays combine business networking in a new way - an agile and easily scalable new cooperation model that can be scaled into any company in the Lahti region.

"The idea of ​​Partner Friday was born in meetings and discussions with local companies during the spring of 2022, when it was noticed that the companies in our region want to intensify local cooperation. A solution is needed through which existing cooperation models can be deepened and completely new cooperation discussions can be started, as well as mapping the possibilities of localizing supply chains", says Ville Uimonen, LADEC's development manager and one of the creators of Partneriperjantai.

On Partner Friday, the focus of the visit is the so-called "host company", which opens its doors to Lahti region business life representatives and thus wants to activate regional cooperation. This can also mean completely new business opportunities for the companies participating the visit when the guests get to learn on site about the operations, products and services of the host company.

"At the visit, you can propose cooperation to the host company, relating to for example the host company's products, services, manufacturing or operating processes, or business development and growth. On Partner Fridays, the people who make the decisions in the host company are always present, such as the CEO and the people responsible for the company's acquisitions and business development, to whom you should definitely go talk to while handing over a business card," continues Ville.


Read more and sign up by September 12 for the first Partner Friday visit to ALLU in Orimattila on September 16 at 9-11 here: https://lnkd.in/d6AAVyBZ

Are you interested in acting as a host company in autumn 2022? 
Contact Ville Uimonen ville.uimonen@ladec.fi or +358 50 574 3222 and ask for more!