Tomi Tura to become LADEC’s new CEO


Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
November 7, 2022



Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd has chosen the current acting CEO (Master of Social Sciences) Tomi Tura, who has served the company in leadership positions since 2006, as its new CEO. He began his new duties on 7 November 2022. LADEC’s previous CEO Jukka Rantanen took a position in the industrial sector in late August.

Before his new appointment, Tomi Tura served as the head of the unit for developing the business environment and as a substitute to the CEO. Among other things, he has been responsible for drawing new companies and investments to the Lahti region and for services aimed at relocating businesses to the area. Having had a key role in developing trade and business in the Lahti region for years, he is intimately familiar with the business sector as well as the operators and partners in the area.

The position of LADEC’s CEO drew a great deal of interest: there were as many as 55 applicants, half of whom were from outside the Lahti region – the furthest ones from beyond Finnish borders.

-    “We were fortunate to have a wide range of high-quality applicants, which is a testament to the appeal of the Lahti region and LADEC as an employer,” says Milla Bruneau, Chair of LADEC’s Board of Directors.

-    “Our aim was to find someone with an in-depth understanding of developing the business environment of companies and the strengths of the region to support growth in the area. I was impressed by how well the applicants were able to identify the local, national and international strengths of the Lahti region,” Bruneau says, summarising the selection process. 

-    “Tomi Tura stood out with his strong background and experience in network-based leadership and identifying the relocation potential of companies. I would like to congratulate Tomi on his new position. LADEC’s Board of Directors will encourage him to raise the level of ambition and success even higher than before,” Bruneau says, in reference to the company’s vision for its future. 

The new CEO will be able to start steering and developing LADEC from a good initial position:

-    “Our highly professional team at LADEC works for companies in the area with a strong passion. Everything we do is guided by a heavy orientation towards businesses and customers, which will remain the case in the future. We invest in actively contacting companies and providing them with services that ensure the best possible impact and generation of added value,” says the new CEO Tomi Tura.

-    “I could not imagine a better time to get started: The appeal of the Lahti region and interest towards it might be seeing the strongest upward trend in decades. We are witnessing the concrete results in a record-high number of relocation customers and new investments. It is now easier than ever to sell the Lahti region. We want to take advantage of this surge of interest and convert it into jobs and tax income. As someone who grew up in Lahti, I’m excited to work for the benefit of the region in my new position!”


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