Jarno Saarinen is the new Director of LADEC's advisory and development services - Tomi Tura CEO (act.) and Isto Vanhamäki Director (act.)


Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
PRESS RELEASE 29 August 2022

Mr. Jarno Saarinen, a business economist (BBA) from Lahti, has been elected as the new director of LADEC's Entrepreneurship and Business Development Services unit and a member of the Management Group. He started his work at LADEC on August 29th, 2022. Before LADEC, Jarno has worked in the banking industry, e.g. in Handelsbanken and Danske Bank - most recently in the Savings Bank Group as Corporate Business Development Manager.

After Mr. Jukka Rantanen, who served as CEO of LADEC for nine years, decided to take over the management of Lahti-based FinnSonic Oy, LADEC started recruiting a new CEO at the beginning of August. For this reason, the following temporary changes have been made in the operational management of our company:

Management Group member Mr. Tomi Tura has been appointed acting CEO and Mr. Isto Vanhamäki as an acting Director of the Business Region Development unit and a member of the Management Group.

The changes in Tura and Vanhamäki's area of ​​responsibility entered into force on August 22nd and continue until the new CEO has been appointed and started his work.