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The wildly popular Lahti Survival Pack is here again!

The contents combine fun and usefulness

Ca 1200 new students began their higher education in Lahti this fall and the companies in the region wanted to welcome them with the new and improved Lahti Survival Pack. Given to new higher education students for the first time last fall, the Lahti Survival Pack for students achieved huge success and media visibility – even in the BBC!

More than half of the young students starting their studies in Lahti relocate here from somewhere else. For them, as well as for the students with roots in Lahti, the companies and brands in the area are still relatively unknown.

-  This is why we want to do a ”guerilla strike” and offer the students a nice, casual greeting from Lahti region businesses. This year’s Lahti Survival Pack is surprisingly different compared to last year’s version. Both the contents and the external look have been revamped, says Tarja Pellinen from LADEC.

As before, the Survival Pack has been put together in collaboration with Lahti Region Development LADEC, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti University Campus, The City of Lahti and Lahti Region – and, most of all, with the local businesses.

-  Our goal is that the content and packaging of the Survival Pack combine fun and usefulness, at the same time promoting a positive message about Lahti region. The region offers exceptionally varied opportunities for spending time outside studies. Sports and leisure time are particularly emphasised in this year’s Pack, says Kirsti Simola from Lahti Region.

Students are important future makers for Lahti and the whole region. Competition for capable people will be increasing and, in terms of regional development, it is vital that we can secure proficient labour and that the region remains an interesting and exciting alternative for students making choices about where to settle after their studies.

-  Hundreds of students, ready for working life, graduate annually in Lahti, hungry and raring to go and possessing the latest knowledge in their field. They are an asset to companies, bringing a fresh perspective. With the Survival Pack we want to welcome higher education students to Lahti and make sure they realise how valuable they will be for the companies in the region after they graduate, explains Mari Rosberg from Lahti University of Applied Sciences.  

-  The Pack is a part of the ”Study in Lahti” (”Lahti on korkeakoulukaupunki”) campaign. The aim of the campaign is to inform new students as well as everyone else of the wide range of higher education on offer here and of our smooth and productive regional co-operation, states Senja Jouttimäki from Lahti University Campus.

The launch of the Lahti Survival Pack took place at a media event on NiemiCampus (Niemenkatu 73, Lahti) on 9 September 2016 at 9 am.

The donors and contents of the higher education students’ Lahti Survival Pack:

  • Yoga Rocks: entrance ticket for wall climbing or yoga
  • LAMK Sports: entrance ticket for a group exercise class
  • Lahti Aqua: sports drink bottle
  • Lahti Energia: flash light
  • Päijät-Häme Waste Management: recycling bag
  • Dental Services Vihreä Omena: toothbrush and paste
  • Lahden Messut: entrance ticket for Viihdy vapaalla leisure time fair
  • FC Lahti: entrance ticket for a football match
  • Museums in Lahti: free entrance ticket to four museums
  • Möysän musaklubi music club: free entrance ticket
  • Lahden Työn Paikka Oy: coupon for recycling centre Patina and the manpower to assemble the Packs
  • Mediatalo Esa: free ESS digital newspaper for a month
  • Cooperative Society Hämeenmaa: dish brush
  • Teerenpeli restaurant: reflector and coupon
  • Päijät-Häme Cooperative Bank: laundry bag
  • Printing house Kirjapaino Markprint Oy: the printing of the map of Lahti
  • Stora Enso: disposable cups
  • Lahti2017: YleX condom and Atria pouch for sports games snack sausage
  • Sinuhe bakery: crispbread chips
  • Lahti Business Region, relocation marketing: umbrella
  • coupon leaflet from Frank student services
  • Student Union LAMKO: Lamkooma magazine
  • Study in Lahti – Lahti on korkeakoulukaupunki overall patch

The design of the map and the Pack is by Lahti-based graphic designer Jalo Toivio.

or further information, please contact:

Tarja Pellinen
Marketing manager
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd   |  Tel. +358 50 597 8800

Mari Rosberg
Communications and Marketing Manager
Lahti University of Applied Sciences   |  Tel. +358 50 526 5825