The Lahti-based sports sector startup event SMASH will head to Tokyo in December 2021


Smash Tokyo event will be hold on December 8-9, 2021.The Sports Tech startup event SMASH Tokyo will be held in December together with Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd, City of Lahti, Business Finland, Finnish Embassy in Japan and Japanese partners and companies. The event concretizes the Lahti region's long-term work in sports business cooperation in Asia and gives Lahti region a unique role as a gateway between EU and Asian markets. SMASH events have previously been held in Helsinki, Turku, Lahti and London.

Behind SMASH is the Lahti based startup company Smash Mill Ltd, which shows the direction of the internationalization for the Finnish companies in the sports sector.

- We at SMASH are pleased to be able to help the Lahti sports and startup ecosystem and act as a bridge builder between Europe and Asia, says Arto Ahola, CEO of Smash Mill Ltd.

SMASH is a key tool in Lahti Sport Business Hub

SMASH is much more than a sports technology startup event. It is an operating model and community that forms a concrete tool for the development and a meeting place for startup activities among experts, researchers, companies, students and developers. SMASH is also a key part of the Lahti Sport Business Hub and its internationalization.

Sport Business Hub promotes Lahti's position in the international sports business

The Lahti Region is one of the most important centers of sports, events and sports expertise in Northern Europe. The region's strengths are world-class sports know-how and sport facilities combined with a superior location, strong industry expertise and long-term cooperation in the Asian market. These facts together give a unique role for the Lahti Region as a gateway between Europe and Asia. The startup event in Japan is part of the Lahti Sport Business Gateway project funded by the The Regional Council of Päijät-Häme.

A meeting place for Sport Business

Lahti Sport Business Hub is a meeting place for sports business, which combines the know-how of the international sports sector, creating leadership for Lahti in national sports exports. Lahti Sport Business Hub is made up of local Olympic Training Centers, companies, educational and research institutes and municipal organizations in the area. The business ecosystem, which is built around Lahti's sports facilities and expertise promotes local business, exports and research activities around sport & wellness technology and services, connecting national and international networks and partners.

- In the future, Lahti will be known not only as a winter sports center, but also as an international facilitator of sports business innovation, attracting international companies and players to invest in their R&D and business operations in Lahti. SMASH has a key role to play in this work, tells Isto Vanhamäki, Development Manager of Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Isto Vanhamäki
Head of Development | Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
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Mr. Arto Ahola
CEO  |  SMASH Mill Ltd.
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