Lahti and LADEC listening to entrepreneurs – 500 local businesses to be interviewed by Taloustutkimus in October


Over the course of October, the City of Lahti and Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd will survey local businesses’ opinions on services for entrepreneurs in their hometown. The interview survey will be carried out by Taloustutkimus Oy and involve interviews with 500 businesses.

Previous surveys have indicated that the business friendliness of the City of Lahti has room for improvement. Because of this, the City and LADEC decided to join forces and listen to what businesses operating in Lahti have to say. The goal of the interview survey is to find which practicalities could be used to make Lahti the most business-friendly city in Finland.

Telephone interviews will be conducted during the day and in the evening alike in order to provide entrepreneurs with optimal opportunities to give feedback regarding their hometown and influence the business services of Lahti.

“We hope that the busy entrepreneurs can find 15 minutes for the survey and tell us in their own words what the City should do for its businesses,” comments Head of Business Development Miikka Venäläinen.

The interviews will give the businesses a chance to influence aspects such as the direction of the industrial policy of Lahti, give feedback regarding the operations of LADEC and other business services of the city organisation, such as the planning, energy, water and employment service departments, and voice their opinions on the strengths of the City, as well as its areas in need of development. Furthermore, the City of Lahti is seeking open feedback regarding the everyday life and work of an entrepreneur, and this feedback will be used to improve the businesses’ customer service experience.

“Our aim is to improve our understanding of how the City, LADEC and other members of the city organisation alike can influence the fluency of business operations in Lahti the most,” emphasises Director Tomi Tura of LADEC.

Further information:

Miikka Venäläinen
Head of Business Development
City of Lahti
+358 44 018 7378

Tomi Tura
Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd
+358 50 323 1050