Financial support for sole entrepreneurs is open for applications


The financial support of EUR 2,000 for sole entrepreneurs granted by municipalities became open for applications on Friday 17 April at 9am in the operating area of LADEC in Asikkala, Hartola, Hollola, Iitti, Lahti, Orimattila and Padasjoki. The support is intended to help sole entrepreneurs cope with the challenging financial situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Support can be granted to sole entrepreneurs based on applications for costs due to business activities from 16 March to 31 August 2020. Such costs include the cost of premises and equipment as well as accounting and office expenses, for example. A condition for the support is that the financial situation and turnover of the sole entrepreneur have deteriorated due to the coronavirus epidemic. The sole entrepreneur must also have the prerequisites for viable business.

Sole entrepreneur refers to a full-time entrepreneur who has no employees. The entrepreneur operates in Finland and is either registered in the YEL register or able to present at least EUR 20,000 in annual business income or invoicing.

Financial support for sole entrepreneurs and unemployment security do not influence each other. An entrepreneur can apply for both support for sole entrepreneurs and unemployment security.

In order to make the application process go more smoothly, the applicants must fill in the application carefully. Financial statements or a tax return or tax debt certificate in addition to extracts from accounting or account statements that show the deterioration of the business’s financial situation are needed as attachments to the application. The support is discretionary, and the applications are processed in the order of arrival.

Up-to-date information on how to apply for support for sole entrepreneurs and the conditions for granting support can be found on the websites of the municipalities by the start of the application period at the latest. In addition, the LADEC website and the service number +358 44 702 2700 serve all companies in the operating area of LADEC.


Further information: 

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