2020 was the busiest year in LADEC’s history: more than 1,200 companies received guidance free of charge, more new companies were founded than the previous year, and a considerable number of companies relocated to the region


2020 – the year of the coronavirus pandemic – was very challenging for companies and brought to light completely new and urgent needs related to this exceptional situation with regard to business consulting as well as funding and financial support. 

When the coronavirus hit Finland in earnest in mid-March, LADEC, together with the municipalities in our region and our cooperation partners, immediately set out to find solutions for how we can help the region and the entrepreneurs and companies operating there to overcome the challenges and problems brought about by the coronavirus: 

  • We lengthened our service hours, set up a telephone service ring and harnessed our entire crew of business consultants and business development managers to help the companies in the region by phone, through the chat and via remote access software on an on-call basis.
  • We set up crisis teams comprised of our experts in the areas of finance and funding, sales and marketing, and cooperation negotiations.
  • A section allowing financial support to be applied for and processed in cooperation with the municipalities in the region was integrated into our customer management system on a quick schedule. We familiarised municipal personnel with the use of the financial support application system, the conditions for financial support and the interpretation of the information required in the application, and we also helped them in the processing of applications subject to interpretation. 
  • We further intensified our cooperation with public business consulting and financial organisations and networks: We were actively involved in the cooperation network Local coronavirus help for entrepreneurs, which comprises municipal business development companies and Suomen Yrittäjät, among others. We also participated in putting the network together and planning its operating model. The personnel of this network, which was set up due to the coronavirus, served companies and entrepreneurs in questions related to the coronavirus a staggering 30,000 times last year!
  • Starting from March, we focused our communications on sharing up-to-date information with local entrepreneurs and companies through our various channels:
    • We set up the Corona aid page on our website on a quick schedule.
    • We shared information on the free-of-charge guidance we offer, as well as the application periods and conditions for the funding and financial support available, through all our social media channels.
    • We also set up the local Facebook group ‘Pulmia koronasta – Yrittäjäapua Lahden seudulla’ (Problems caused by the coronavirus – Help for entrepreneurs in the Lahti region), which shares information and offers peer support. The group gained over 400 members within a short period of time, and we have also continued sharing information and maintaining discussion in the group this year.

More than 1,200 companies benefited from LADEC's guidance in 2020, and slightly more new companies were founded in our region than in the previous year

We are happy that we were able to help and advise more than 1,200 local companies in 2020! Another positive thing is that, although our business consulting services were not as busy during the state of emergency last spring, a total of 971 companies were founded in our region, which was slightly more than the previous year.

The number of companies relocated in our region in 2020 was also significant

The interest of companies towards the Lahti region as a place to operate in is clearly increasing. In 2020, 15 companies that initially employ a total of almost 130 employees relocated to the region through our company’s relocation services. Compared to the previous year, both the number of companies and the number of jobs that relocated to the area increased considerably – the number of jobs almost tripled.
2021 is also off to a promising start. The number of noteworthy relocation negotiations currently underway at LADEC is higher than ever, and a higher proportion of our customers are international companies. The new southern ring road in Lahti will bring new opportunities, and Lahti’s status as the European Green Capital 2021 and the increasing university and higher education activities have clearly garnered the interest of companies.

Check out the Lahti Business Region website, which provides information on the Lahti region as a business environment and place to relocate to: -> lahtibusinessregion.com







The European Green Capital year will be interesting in our region

Lahti is the European Green Capital 2021. There is also a lot going on in the business scene in our area in relation to the European Green Capital year. Take, for example, the Kestävän kehityksen mittarointi (Measuring the sustainable development goals in SMEs) project, which LADEC is also involved in. In this project, students from LUT University are working to develop sustainability and environmental indicators for five local companies to allow the companies to verify the financial and business benefits gained from responsibility and environmental thinking. We will also definitely receive interesting new ideas for solving the challenges in the innovation challenge held during the European Green Capital year. – We are looking forward to seeing what other new business cooperation the year will bring! 

Read more about the European Green Capital year on the Green Lahti website: -> greenlahti.fi/en


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