Advisory services in other municipalities

LADEC's advisory services are available not only in Lahti, but regularly also in other municipalites of our operational area: in Asikkala, in Hartola, in Hollola, in Iitti, in Orimattila and in Padasjoki. 

If you like to meet LADEC's business consultant in your home town, please see the following schedule and make an appointment. In case the dates on the list are not suitable for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us in order to book an appointment for some other day and time.

Of course you can also book an appointment in Lahti, where we serve our customers every weekday from 8:30am to 4pm, at two offices: by appointment at Lahti Science Park on Niemenkatu, and without appointment at Dooroom, on Rautatienkatu, in the city centre. 

LADEC's business consultans are available in neighbouring municipalities in June-December 2019:

Asikkala (at the Office Hub Kustaantalo)
Mr. Pekka Mantila is available in Asikkala by appointment every other week:

  • Tue 13 August & Tue 27 August
  • Tue 10 September & Tue 24 September
  • Tue 8 October & Tue 22 October
  • Mon 4 November & Tue 19 November
  • Tue 3 December & Tue 17 December

Hartola (at the Town Hall)
Mr. Pekka Mantila is available in Hartola by appointment once a month:

  • Mon 24 June
  • Fri 23 August
  • Thu 19 September
  • Thu 17 October
  • Thu 21 November 
  • Thu 12 December

Ms. Johanna Veikkolainen is available in Hollola once a month. Schedule will be released soon.

Iitti (at the Town Hall)
Mr. Pekka Mantila is available in Iitti by appointment every other week:

  • Tue 25 June
  • Tue 20 August 
  • Tue 3 September & Tue 17 September
  • Tue 1 October & Tue 15 October & Tue 29 October
  • Tue 12 November & Tue 26 November 
  • Tue 10 December & Mon 23 December

Orimattila (at the City Hall)
Mr. Jari Eskola is available in Orimattila once a month. Schedule will be released soon.

Padasjoki (at the Town Hall "Kuntala")
Mr. Pekka Mantila is available in Hartola by appointment once a month:

  • Thu 29 August
  • Thu 26 September
  • Thu 24 October
  • Thu 28 November
  • Thu 19 December

Make an appointment - Call +358 44 702 2700, or use the chat option on this website.