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Design is more than just creating a beautiful appearance. Combining user-oriented design with expertise in technology, digitalisation, materials and marketing provides the keys to success! The utilisation of design allows businesses to increase the attractiveness of their products and the profitability of their production.

The significance of design and expertise in design to a business’ success continues to grow. Products and services have to be developed and designed for the global market from the perspective of the customers and their needs. 

Investments in product development and design have also been proven to be directly linked to a business’ success. In addition to large businesses, an increasing number of SMEs have begun utilising design in developing their business operations and competitive advantage. 

Digitalisation has kicked off a transition in the service of customers and people, and it also offers endless opportunities. Human-oriented (user-oriented) design plays a key role as an enabler of business growth.

LADEC assists businesses in the Lahti region in developing new, competitive products and services in a sustainable way that takes the needs, wishes and opinions of the users, customers and residents into account!

LADEC’s design advice for businesses

  • We’ll advise your business on harnessing user-oriented product and service design, brand and marketing communications and turning them into ways to succeed and grow. 
  • We’ll help and advise you impartially and free of charge on finding and selecting suitable external professionals in design, product development and marketing. -> Design Lahti FIND service search website (FI).

Our advisory services are available to businesses operating in Hollola, Lahti and Orimattila. Free of charge.


In the Lahti region, well-known businesses such as Isku, Kemppi, Luhta and Stala have been utilising the local top expertise in industrial design for years in their product development, in addition to utilising information and feedback provided by users. Over the last few years, many smaller and younger businesses have also begun to utilise design as one of their success factors. 

And why shouldn’t they, when Lahti is home to the Institute of Design of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, the number one educational institution in its field in Finland and known and recognised around the world!

Design produces new business, increasingly functional public services and welcoming environments in the Lahti region, in addition to creating new jobs and increasing well-being. Through the cooperation of designers, companies, students and residents. By working together and supporting sustainable development.

LADEC is involved in the promotion of the design expertise in the Lahti region and the development of services and operating environments that increase the use of design. We help higher education institutions, municipalities and businesses in the region find each other and work together to successfully utilise the design expertise in the Lahti region. 

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