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Business through design



The desirability of products as well as the profitability of production can be boosted through industrial design. Industrial design does not only mean creating a beautiful external appearance. Combining user-friendly industrial design, technology, materials and marketing expertise are keys to success.

LADEC offers the companies in the Lahti region services which improve the use of industrial design. Among other things, we assist companies in compiling a design strategy. We help industrial design companies improve their business operations and to network.

Contact us and we will give you advice on how to make design a competitive factor for your company!

Keinänen Kristian

Head of Development
Business Region Development
+358 50 598 0580

Lahti region is the capital of Finnish industrial design:

  • A leader in using industrial design expertise
  • The most successful companies have for years utilized design as a central competitive factor
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Top education – support for the development of the sector

  • Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design and Fine Arts
    represents the cutting edge in industrial design in Finland. It is especially known and recognized for its industrial design all over the world.
  • LADEC is responsible for the development of design industry and promoting the use of industrial design in Lahti and in neighboring municipalities.
  • Design Foundation Finland helps and supports the development of design industry as well as delivering design to companies throughout Finland.