Revolutioniser of the process industry lands in Lahti

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The American start-up company Neolitics, which opened an office in Lahti Science Park last autumn, claims that it will revolutionise the analytical methods used in the process industry in the coming years. The company is assisted by Lahti Region Development LADEC, whose All Inclusive relocation services are the best in the country, according to Neolitics.

The owner and founder of the company, Sean M. Christian from Baltimore, USA, is a successful serial entrepreneur. Neolitics is his fifth and, according to his own words, last start-up company. Christian believes that Neolitics’s innovation will revolutionise the analytical methods used in the process industry. His eyes take on an enthusiastic shine when he explains the method of obtaining data about the composition of a substance with the help of the spectrum of light.

‘For example, if we know the composition of a drug solution, we also know the spectrum formed by light that is shone on it. If there are deviations in the composition, the spectrum will also change,’ he clarifies.

Employees and services

Up until now, analysing the manufacture of medication, which is known as a billion-dollar business, has been a tremendously laborious and time-consuming process. The spectrometers used are large, expensive and sensitive, and they are generally installed in a separate laboratory rather than production facilities.

The solution invented by Neolitics is an instrument the size of a milk carton, which is easy to install directly to a factory’s production line. The company has already patented the method it uses and gathered funding from American investors, among others.

But what on earth brings this promising American company to Lahti?

Neolitics set up a technology development unit in Salo last spring. Sean M. Christian says that after Microsoft closed its doors last year, there was plenty of expert workforce available in Salo that was cheaper than American engineers. The low corporate tax rate in Finland also came as a pleasant surprise, as it only came up after the decision to locate the business to Salo had been made.

The company was attracted to Lahti because of its excellent location and, above all, superior relocation services offered by LADEC.

 ‘We could not have found such high-quality business consulting services, contacts and support from anywhere else in Finland.’

‘Lahti has an excellent location and great transport connections to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Lahti is also home to a great deal of process industry, and I’m sure that we’ll be able to agree on piloting sites with these companies and LADEC.’

Close cooperation

Miika Laakso is a business developer who works in LADEC’s relocation services. For the last six months, he has worked in close cooperation with Sean M. Christian and Otso Ylönen, arranging meetings between Neolitics and companies in the process industry, public sector operators and universities, in addition to helping the company obtain funding and search for suitable business premises.

‘Neolitics will continue its technology development activities in Salo, while building its sales and marketing activities in Lahti. The official launch of our product will take place in early 2018,’ Sean Christian says.
At the moment, LADEC is in the process of applying for direct EU funding for Neolitics together with Christian and Ylönen.

‘It’s been great to see how highly valued Finnish expertise and entrepreneurship are around the world. Neolitics truly has something great here. Combined with the engineering expertise in Salo, the opportunities in the Lahti region and the services provided by LADEC ensure that the company is well-equipped to conquer the world,’ Laakso says confidently.
Text: Taru Schroderus | Images: Petri Koivisto


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