New product line from Dinox Sport Oy for the European market

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The Hollola-based Dinox Sport Oy manufactures and imports tailored sports and fitness equipment to gyms, workplaces and homes. The company is determined to expand its operation to the European market with a new product line. Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd has been closely involved in the preparations for the product development project and putting together funding.

Founded in 2013, Dinox currently employs eight people. ‘We also have a great number of subcontractors across the Päijät-Häme area. Our range of products includes all kinds of fitness-related equipment, ranging from wall bars to gymnastics mats and gym racks. We can tailor our products according to measurements and colours, for example,’ says entrepreneur Jaakko Finne. The other co-owner of the company is Toni Kuusisto.

Taking care of yourself is a part of modern life. People are becoming more active and engaging in a wider range of physical activities. Finne says that their goal is to make it so that fitness equipment becomes a normal part of the decor of homes and offices, and you no longer need to hide it from view.

Because of this, design plays a key role in the product development of fitness equipment. LADEC has been and continues to be a strong partner in these efforts. A project is currently underway that aims to develop a product line called the ‘Official fitness brand of Santa Claus’. LADEC advised Dinox in the initial phase of the product development process, particularly from the perspective of design and how design can be combined with a product development project and other operations.

‘LADEC was of invaluable assistance to us, particularly in understanding the design perspective and advising us on funding. The ongoing project is funded with a business development subsidy granted by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, and LADEC has opened many doors for us and otherwise advised us in funding-related matters.’


LADEC helps with internationalisation

The project will continue until next spring, when the product line will be launched on the European market. LADEC also helped prepare Dinox Sport for the road to internationalisation. ‘We looked for suitable fairs, considered the launch of the product line and received guidance from a number of experts on how to succeed in the world.’

‘LADEC was of invaluable assistance to us, particularly in understanding the overall design and advising us on funding.’

Finne says that Finnish design and work are appreciated in Europe. Finnish raw materials were also taken into account in the design of the new product line. For example, the company wants to use as much birch as possible.

A comprehensive network of distributors is needed in order for the conquest of Europe to succeed. LADEC shared its expertise in this area as well. The primary target group of the ‘Official fitness brand of Santa Claus’ product line is families and companies, which is why Dinox also focuses on developing its online shop.

‘Nowadays, even companies try to place their fitness equipment directly in the office spaces instead of hiding them in separate gyms in an out-of-the-way corner of the basement. That’s why any wall bars placed in offices must look stylish and so attractive that employees will want to take a break from work every now and then to hang from the bars and ease their neck and shoulder pains,’ Finne says.

Dinox has been using LADEC’s services throughout its existence and is happy with the assistance it has received. ‘We’ve come to know each other well. We know who leads which sector at LADEC. They’ve helped us open many doors quickly, and we can turn to them with any matter, big or small. LADEC doesn’t leave entrepreneurs to cope alone.’

Dinox’s versatile product range:

  • The widest range of body weight training equipment in Finland
  • Gymnastics equipment
  • Functional training equipment
  • Cross training equipment
  • Weight training equipment
  • Children's sports equipment
  • Home fitness equipment
  • Poles for pole dance and ballet barres
  • Exercise machines