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Cleantech is our Strong area of Expertise


Lahti is one of the most significant centers of research, education and business operations in the area of environmental business operations. Universities, dozens of cleantech companies and organizations as well as Finland's biggest environmental research laboratory create unrivalled synergy opportunities for environmental operators.

Lahti is the only place in Finland where the strength of four cleantech institutions, which guarantee access to professional employees and the latest research data, are brought together.

Environment and the development of the related business operations are the most important areas of focus in the business strategy of the city of Lahti.


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Lahti - Natural choice for a cleantech company

  • The most significant center of environmental business operations and research in Finland
  • Strong expertise in industrial design
  • LADEC organizes the majority of the funding, events and contacts for cleantech growth companies in Finland
  • Versatile office spaces and plots of land for businesses with a competitive price level
  • Town of more than 100,000 people and a municipality of 200,000 people
  • It takes an hour to travel to the centre of Helsinki, less than an hour to Vuosaari Harbour, and there is a fast train connection to St Petersburg.
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